Mid Month Update (July 2018)

While I’m chilling on the Carnival Vista Deck waiting to arrive in Curaçao 🇨🇼, I’m taking an inventory of what books I’ve actually listened to 🎧 /read 📖 in order of my enjoyment.

One 5-Star read, the next two books were 5-Star reads, the bottom two were 3-Star reads. I still have a few more books to go before the month is out. What have you enjoyed so far?

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First of the Month (July 2018)

The Handmaid’s Tale (Nick and June)

 Praise Be! This is my JULY 2018 Starter Plan. What are YOU planning on reading this month?

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✿ July Kick: Kick-n-Pick for Me by Roxy the Fury:   
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✿ July TCF FWYS: Danielle Gypsy Soul:  Texas Series remaining books are not on audio yet