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Monthly in Review (July 2018)

July Reading is in the books!

I was on vacation and I had some family emergencies but I managed to get almost all of my books read except for the only paperback I took on the cruise. I enjoyed most of the books except Geekerella. I was truly disappointed with that one. I will now write my reviews for the top rated books. Expect them in the next week. Did you complete your reading plan?

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Started but Haven’t finished:

5 thoughts on “Monthly in Review (July 2018)”

    1. I just wrote my review of The Last Black Unicorn. I’ll check it for mistakes and find my gifs a little later today 😂. As you can see I love gifs. Her book was a bit choppy and jumped around. I loved hearing her story but I didn’t love the organization and flow.
      I meant to add Jennifer Lewis’s book for August To Read Plan. Maybe I’ll push it to September.
      Richard Pryor and Stuart Scott’s biographies remain my favorite audiobooks. I learned a lot about them and their journeys

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  1. You read 8 books in July? How? I’m distressed right now. I have been patting myself on the back for reading 1 book every week, you’ve spoilt it. 🙁 Grudgingly looking forward to your reviews now.

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