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August TV Shows/Movies 📺

With my 2 out of four on my staple shows gone until next seasons, I have to find replacements.

Gone are: The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) and The 100 (CW)

Still remaining are: Queen Sugar (OWN) and The Shooter (USA)

This week, my husband and I tried Anne with an “E” and the Santa Clara diet with the latter being too gruesome for me. We really enjoyed both seasons of Anne with an E.

What shows would you recommend to me?

Favorite shows: Spartacus, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Vikings, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Last Kingdom, Reign.

What tv show Or series would you recommend to me? I’m scrolling through Netflix and Hulu and would like something that would hold my attention. What are you watching?

4 thoughts on “August TV Shows/Movies 📺”

  1. Have you watched The Tudors? Just finished re-watching that in July, that’s a really interesting look at Henry the Eighth. Natalie Dormer is Anne Boleyn, and I freaked when I realized she went on to do Hunger Games (She plays Cresida, if you’ve watched the movies). Henry Cavill, aka Superman, is also in the series, and I think there are times when he outshines Henry the Eighth!

    I also just finished a re-watch of Justified on Amazon Video. Walton Goggins (Boyd Crowder) makes that series for me. Later seasons feature Sam Elliot, which makes me think of my mom.

    Currently on my TV Watching plate is Babylon 5, which is another re-watch for me. I’ve been trying to resist starting Sons of Anarchy, but am starting to waver on that. If I get through Babylon 5, I might just go to SeaQuest DSV, but haven’t made firm plans on it yet.

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    1. Bought Babylon 5 on DVD for my husband a couple of years ago as he is a Big Trekkie. So we watched that series again. BTW, he’s happy that Patrick Stewart is returning as Jean Luc Picard.

      I did watch the Tudors, Borgias and Medici. I plan on watching Victoria next. I’m watching Rome on Netflix and it’s more of a history documentary but I’m enjoying it.

      Have you watched North & South, it’s a mini series like Pride and Prejudice. You will enjoy it if you liked Darcy and Elizabeth-ish characters.

      I can’t watch Sons of Anarchy ever again. It was so disturbing to me but I watched all of it. I still have a crush on Charlie Hunan almost as much as I crush on Henry Cavil.

      I’ll check out Justified and see if I like it.
      Thanks for the suggestion


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