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Falling into Fall TV (2019)

It’s Premiere time for television and I am setting my DVR to record new shows as well as making sure my old shows are still set to record.

These are the shows that I enjoy and follow religiously. What are your staple shows?

There were some very intriguing commercials advertising new shows that made me add them to my line up. I usually give shows 4-5 episodes to hook me. So by the end of October, I should know which shows are keepers and which ones aren’t for me.

What new shows caught your attention? What shows are people recommending to you?

11 thoughts on “Falling into Fall TV (2019)”

  1. Hey stranger! I don’t follow any shows on TV but once upon a time, I followed House, The Good Wife and Scandal on catch up TV online. I never seem to remember when the shows are on so always had to catch up 🙂 I also watched Tough Love series on YouTube when it was on.

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    1. I haven’t tried Bull or Blue Bloods, but my kids love The Voice. I have a hard time with those singing reality shows because they rarely translate to success for the singer. My kids love The Voice for the Banter. They love Blake Shelton. They also love Dancing with the Stars and the Masked Singer.

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      1. My kids like when the coaches are begging the artists to be on their team and later, the “stealing” aspect. I do enjoy the banter. It’s just that I’m never satisfied with the winners.

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  2. Admittedly, I don’t watch TV normally, I play catch up via Hulu. That being said, you have one of my favorites on there: The Good Doctor. With my son being like Dr. Shaun, I watch it with him in the room to make him aware that people with autism don’t have to be limited by the label. The Unicorn also has my attention, because of the lead actor. I kinda fell in love with Walton Goggins during his run on Justified and get giddy when I see him in other things. Can’t wait to see if his new effort is any good!


    1. I really enjoy the Good Doctor. The first season it was awkward for me and I had to deal with my own preconceived notions of what autistic people could and couldn’t do. I can say the show has challenged and helped me grow as a person.
      The Unicorn is just different so I’m looking forward to seeing what they bring.


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