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Review: The Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimme

The Things We Cannot SayThe Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title: Landon & Shay by Brittainy C. Cherry
L & S Duet #1
Release Date:
October 30th 2019
Kindle Edition (363 Pages)
Contemporary Romance, New Adult


This story was amazing. I couldn’t put it down and it was one of the best historical fiction narratives I have read.

The story follows two related heroines: The life of Alina Dziak, who was a Polish teenager in the midst of the Nazi invasion. It follows her family along with her childhood love Tomasz as they hide and eventually try to escape to a non-occupied territory for safety. Second voice we follow is Alice, who is raising a 7 yr old autistic son Eddie and his 10 yr old sister Callie.

At first, I was trying to figure how what they had to do with each other, but rest assured that it would become readily evident. Both women are trying to remain strong and adaptable in an environment where so much is out of their control. Alice and Alina touched me and moved to tears. Their perseverance and how they handled life’s adversities were so admirable.

Many of us have read historical fictions but hearing the harrowing escapes and the ingenuity people use to evade the Nazi soldiers never gets old for me. It is a constant reminder of how hard people fought to survive despite how scared they were. The writing was so engaging, riveting and intense. There was such sadness and such happiness too. It always amazes me how resilient the human spirit truly is. I love this book, the message and ending gave me peace. I will recommend this book to anyone who loves Historical Fiction books like Amy Harmon’s novel From Sand and Ash. It’s on that level good.

*received e-book from Netgalley

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5 thoughts on “Review: The Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimme”

  1. Wonderful review Ezi Chi. I also loved this book and thought it was so well written. Another blogger recommended Amy Harmon’s, From Sand and Ash as well, so I think I need to read that one.

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    1. Amy Harmon is one of my favorite authors, period. She has a book that came out today called Where the Lost Wander.
      I can’t wait to read it.
      Thank you for stopping by and I hope you also try this book by Kelly Rimmer

      Liked by 1 person

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