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Machiavellian (Gangsters of New York, #1)TITLE: Machiavellian by Bella Di Corte
Release Date: September 18, 2020
Format: Audiobook (14 Hours, 50 mins)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Blurb: Machiavellian is the first of three books set in the savage world of the Gangsters of New York series.

I hungered to be seen. There were three things I knew about Capo Macchiavello: He was gorgeous. He was reclusive. He was considered one of New York’s most savage animals.
And he wanted me as his wife. A simple arrangement – you do for me, I do for you. Nothing owed, no expectations. Except for one: never leave.

Life was never that simple, though. By the age of twenty-one, I was parentless, jobless, and homeless, and I had come to learn the hard way that nothing was ever free. Even kindness comes with strings.

Capo might’ve been the only man to ever see me, but I had made a vow to myself: I would never owe anyone anything. Most of all, the man I called boss.

I killed to stay hidden.

Mariposa Flores thought she owed nothing to no one, but she owed everything…to me, the ghost the world had once called The Machiavellian Prince of New York.

I was excited to listen to this book because I love mafia romances. This story didn’t feel like a mafia romance, more of a suspenseful thriller mafia story with side of romance. Kae Denino and Armen Taylor, new narrators to me, did a great job with the accents especially the Italian words.

This was a very layered story that reminds me that it isn’t how you started but how you finish that matters. Mariposa Flores, a destitute young girl, worked hard to stay above water while never being certain of food to eat or a roof over her head. But this girl was survivor. In an astonishing twist of events, she met a mysterious boss named Capo Macchiavello who offered her a deal that would change the rest of her life. It is best that the reader goes in blind in order to get the full effect of the storytelling.

I love heroine’s name Mariposa because it was apropos of the journey both she and Capo undertook. You have to pay attention because so many events and people in the story were connected even in ways they weren’t aware of. I finished this audiobook in two days because I was hooked to see where the author was going. It was a nicely paced story with a good amount of twists sprinkled throughout. I can totally see this book as a movie because it had all the juicy elements of a mafia story. It has family drama, betrayal, murder, love and some gangsters. This story was like a watching the process of an unattractive larva slowly grow to reveal something new and pretty. The beginning was so gritty but at the end, I was smiling and felt satisfied.

*Special Thanks to Macmillan Audio via Netgalley for the audiobook given in exchange for an honest review.

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