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Mistletoe in JuneauMistletoe in Juneau by Dahlia Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Release Date: October 19th 2021 by Hallmark Publishing
Format: Audiobook (7hrs, 49 mins)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Holiday Theme
Blurb: A heartwarming holiday romance from Hallmark and USA Today bestselling author Dahlia Rose that’s perfect for fans of Rochelle Alers and Debbie Macomber.

Danni’s a social media influencer who’s way out of her element. She sort-of broke up with her boyfriend-slash-manager, and she escaped her fast-paced life in New York to spend Christmas with an old friend in Juneau, Alaska. Danni takes in the beauty of the scenery and the warmth of the community…and she’s drawn to the local sheriff.

Before Declan was an Alaskan state trooper, he was in the Army. An IED explosion cost him his leg…and his fiancée, who couldn’t deal with the injury. He knows Danni’s a city girl, while he loves the Alaskan wilderness. Could two very different people find what their hearts are looking for?

This slow burner was a touching story which was made even sweeter by the holiday setting.
Janina Edwards captured the emotion of Declan and the energy of Danni. I would like to say this felt more like women’s fiction but still very Hallmark-ish.

Danni has been a nomad most of her adult life as she really struggled get anchored in any place for long. She took a trip to Alaska for her friends’ wedding where she met a vet named Declan. Declan lost a leg and suffered from PTSD from his military tour which left him bitter about his chances at romantic love. So the way the author went about building a foundation of friendship between Danni and Declan made their subsequent feelings feel authentic. In addition, the author surrounded the main characters with a close knit community and family.

What I enjoyed most was the careful way the author educated the reader about this Indigenous Alaskan Community as well as the realistic depiction of a wounded vet. There was a lot of emotion and narrator’s various voices helped me to feel them as the story unfolded. This wasn’t just a romance, it was about healing and learning to navigate life again after a traumatic event. This was just a really touching and well written holiday story.

Special thanks to Netgalley for the audiobook which was given in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Great review EziChi. I also listened to this one and enjoyed it, but didn’t love it. I really liked a lot of this one, but the instalove didn’t seem realistic to me. Otherwise, I enjoyed it. Glad you enjoyed it.


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