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Carry the WorldTitle: Carry the World by Susan Fanetti
Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Narrator: Eleanor Caudill
Release Date: October 14, 2019
Format: audiobook (9 hrs and 20 mins)
Genre: Historical Fiction; Romance
Blurb: Eastern Kentucky, 1937.
After the death of her husband, Ada Donovan returned home to live again with her aging parents. She does all she can to help them keep the small family farm going. But times are hard, and there’s never enough.

During one of her infrequent visits to town, she sees a help-wanted notice for the Pack Horse Librarian Project, seeking librarians to ride up high in the mountains and bring books to the people there. Before her marriage, Ada was a teacher, and the thought of returning to the work she loved is impossible to resist. The mountains are her favorite place, books are her great joy, and her horse is her best friend.

But not everyone on the mountain is happy to see her.

Living in a crumbing cabin at the highest, most isolated point of Ada’s route, there’s a family that catches her attention. The father keeps to the shadows. There is no mother to dote on the happy, curious children. But soon, Ada comes to love them just as fiercely as the woman they lost.

And makes it her mission to bring them the world.

I really enjoyed this audiobook! It was such an endearing and heartwarming love story. I can’t believe it’s my first time reading this author or listening to this narrator, Eleanor Caudill, who did a great job. Her voice fit the characters and added to my enjoyment of the story. Between the well done plot and the narrators voice, the listener is in for an awesome ride.

Ada was a widower who worked as a Pack Horse Librarian to help ease the financial burden for her elderly parents. On her route, she met Jonah, a widower who wss raising his two kids in a remote area. After delivering books to them for some time, Ada formed an attachment to Jonah’s son and daughter. Jonah didn’t approve of the new connection because he was still grieving the death of his wife. He didn’t want his kids to forget her or replace their mom with this new woman.
Slowly, the consistency, patience and kindness that Ada showed Jonah’s kids chipped away at his wall. In time, Ada proved just too sweet and charming for Jonah not to fall for her.
What I loved about the Ada are the same things that I loved about Jonah. They had inner strength and a lot of love to give and a sense of family. They fit each other and were the missing piece in the other’s life.

The author did a great job developing the characters because I felt like I was on the journey to survive these harsh circumstances with them. The reader got a chance to really get to know the characters and what their values were. The romance and the courting felt subtle and respectable. If you want overt sexuality and explicit sex scenes, this book will not hit the spot since it wasn’t appropriate for the time period.

This is my first book by Susan Fanetti, but it will not be my last. I recommend it to those who love historical romance, especially American depression-era stories. This one will tug on your heart strings.

* I was given this free review copy audiobookand have voluntarily left this review. *

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