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Title: Blacklisted by Jay Crownover
Series: Book 3, Loveless, Texas
Release Date: October 27th 2020
Format: e-Arc (384 pages)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, MC Romance
Blurb: Dr. Presley Baskin has always lived a quiet, calm life. Unfortunately, nothing about her life in Loveless, Texas—especially not the wild, rowdy, and impossibly close-knit Lawton family who’ve claimed her—is quiet or calm. Which is how loner Presley finds herself roped into patching up local bad boy Shot Caldwell against her better judgment. Presley wants nothing to do with the dangerous, brooding leader of the local outlaw motorcycle club. But when someone starts stalking her, Shot is the only person she trusts to help. Plus he owes her one…

Palmer ‘Shot’ Caldwell has always known his life isn’t made for relationships. At least until shy, secretive, Presley reluctantly pulled a bullet out of him. He’s oddly protective of the pretty doctor, so when she comes to him for help, hard-hearted Shot suddenly realizes there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to keep her safe.

This installment picks right up from the end of the last book (Unforgiven). I think that reading this series in order will provide the best enjoyment because you would have followed the characters journey thus far.

In this story, Dr. Presley Baskin is still reeling from the revelation that she was the illegitimate daughter and half-sibling to the Lawton’s. And on top of that, her “best” friend Ashby had been gaslighting her and now stalking her. Presley was placed in protective custody because Ashby was trying to kill her, but Presley has had enough of hiding. With the help of Shot Caldwell, Presley plans to help catch Ashby and reclaim her life. As these two opposites band together to stop her former friend, they also find out that they have a strong attraction to each other. With so much danger and uncertainty, can Shot protect Presley from her enemy and keep their relationship from intensifying?

First of all, this story works on so many levels. These are characters that have been carefully developed over the course of the prior books. Then this story was told using a dual POV so we are given equal turns in Presley and Shot’s mind. I felt like I understood their values and motivations, so even though they were opposites, they fit each other perfectly. They had serious chemistry so be prepared for sexual heat in this book. I also love the interplay with the prior couples from the prequel all the way to the last book. This book completes the full picture of the Lawton family and their respective loves. That is a common thread with Jay Crownover stories, they always have family at the heart of the plot. If you haven’t tried this author, I highly recommend this series because as a storyteller she combines a bit of mystery and suspense with romance. But as I said in the beginning, I suggest reading her books in order.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


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