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Happy Friday, blogger friends. I saw this book tag over at Elaine Howlin’s blog. It looks like fun.

Your Answer Can’t Be Books, is from BookTubers Book Buds. They have a great channel I recommend checking them out.

Your Answer Can’t Be Books | Book Tag Questions

  1. What is something that you own way too many of, other than books?
  2. What is something that you do for fun that’s not reading a book?
  3. What is something special or important on your nightstand, that’s not a book?
  4. What’s something that you buy at a bookstore other than books?
  5. What’s a fun gift that you’ve received that wasn’t a book or a gift card for books?
  6. What’s a YouTube channel that you watch, that’s not related to books?
  7. Tag five BookTubers that you want to learn more about.
  1. DVD’s
  2. Watch sports and movies
  3. Notes from my kids; picture of my family, the remote control; my ticket from Celine Dion’s concert
  4. Games to play with the kids
  5. Game of Thrones socks and Game of Thrones Wine
  6. I don’t know any
  7. Please recommend some BookTubers to me🎶


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