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Broody BritTITLE: Broody Brit by Naima Simone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Release Date: June 27th, 2021
Format: Audiobook   (6 hrs and 12 mins
Genre: Contemporary Romance,
Narrators: Will Thorne, Aria Addison
Blurb: Dear Axel,

It is incredibly stupid to write this text while I’m drunk. But what’s the saying? No gain, no pain. Or, no pain, no shame…. Whatever. You know what I mean. And let’s face it. There’s no way I would be doing this if I was stone-cold sober. But since I’m plastered? To hell with it.

I want you.

I know. Crazy, right? Not only am I your temporary roommate, but I’m a chatty nurse from Providence with an impeccable bedside manner and secrets. You’re a broody, commitment-phobe sculptor from England who communicates in grunts and single syllables. Not to mention, you’re returning home in several weeks. And yet, from the moment you dragged me for being a Swiftie, I’ve wanted to climb you like my personal jungle gym.

There’s no future for us. I’m not even sure I like you half the time. But that doesn’t stop me from hungering for those same hands that bend and shape metal to bend and shape me. So in all my drunken glory, I guess what I’m trying to say is if you want me, I’m yours. For the next few weeks until you return across the pond and we resume our lives as before. No strings. No demands. No regrets.

So meet me in the kitchen where all this started.

Or don’t.

It’s your decision.

Not that it matters. It’s not like I’m going to do something monumentally dumb like hit send on this text.

– Zenobia

Love and Healing

Wow. I really enjoyed this one! It had so much more depth than I was anticipating. Loss and Grief is a very powerful thing especially when it occurs in your youth. Not all families grow stronger or deal with it in a supportive manner.

I listened to the audiobook and thought the narrators were okay. There was a lisp from the female narrator that I kept hearing but the guys accent was good.

I really liked Zenobia and found her to be relatable. She’s strong, resilient and vocal. I was pulling for her the entire book because she deserved to be seen and loved. Axel took a minute to get used to since he was the grumpy artist. But I always root for love and healing.

This is probably my favorite Naima Simone story because there was really good character development and growth in this story. I love stories with layers as well a lot of heat! Plus, It had humor so I found myself chuckling at times.

May I add that I loved Z’s emotional connection with her work and that she went to counseling. I am always impressed when an author presents counseling a viable option to help characters process trauma. Bravo Naima Simone.

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