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Flagrant (St. Louis Cyclones #1)TITLE: Flagrant by Alexandria House
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Release Date: September 18, 2020
Format: Paperback (14 Hours, 50 mins)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Blurb: NBA star Paul “Polo” Logan is known for his on-court prowess and his off-court philandering.

Kendra Doll is the main woman in his life, and although their past bonds them together, it also may be what tears them apart.

He’s ready to make a change and truly commit to her, but is it too late?

(Polo and Kendra were first introduced in the novel, Let Me Hold You, by Alexandria House.)

*This story contains content that may be sensitive for some readers.*


This is true love at its finest

This book is truly about loving someone through their pain, bad judgment and confusion.
Kendra and Paul (Ken and Polo) are two broken people but their connection with each other was a true soul connection.
One thing I never doubted as I listened to this book was their love for one another. I wasn’t sure they would stay together but I know they genuinely cared for the other.

Kendra reminds me of adult female friends that are increasingly coming to terms with childhood trauma. It’s heartbreaking but I just love Alexandria House for really discussing how therapy is vital for both women and men in healing.

I also love how both Ken and Polo had to truly find themselves in order forgive. There were some painful actions and consequences, but they were able to weather the storm and come out even stronger.

I also applaud the author for showing some healing has to be “on your own”. What an awesome story about growth and love.

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