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His to Claim (Alien Overlords, #1)TITLE: His to Claim by Taylor Vaughn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Release Date: March 31st 2019
Format: E-book (279 Pages)
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, Erotica
Blurb: My alien overlord is huge, all-powerful, and determined to claim me!

Every human girl growing up on New Terrhan knows one thing… that she will be taken by one or several Xalthurian males when she turns twenty-one. The Xalthurians are rough, domineering, and huge all over. But, this is the deal our leaders struck, so that they would provide our human colony with desperately needed supplies…

If the baby born from our taking is a girl, we will be allowed to keep it. If the baby is a boy, it will be taken away, never to be seen again. That is the way it has always been, on our small planet and that is the way it will always be…

I should accept my fate, but I can’t! When they come for my sister’s baby boy, I dare to defy the alien, they call “Tel”. As it turns out, “Tel” means prince. But rather than killing me for my insolence, the future overlord vows to return to the planet.

When I am twenty-one…
He’s huge, all-powerful, and determined to claim me! Can I stop him?

And how will I answer when the question becomes, do I want to?


Whew! A bit uncomfortable but it has a good message.

I admit that this one started off shaky for me. Sci-fi romances like this one often start off with either dub consent or no-consent (rape) encounters and they turn my stomach.

In this first book, an alien species, the blue skinned Xalthurians basically subjugated the Hu’mans of New Terrhan and forced them to give them women around 21 years of age for the Xalthurians to breed. When the infant turns two, if it is a male child, the Xalthurians will take the boy and return to their planet to raise away from the Hu’mans.

After watching her sister lose her life after she refused to give up her two year old son, Kira attacked the Kel D’Rek of Xalthurians and spit in his face. That assault against their leader resulted in Kira being taken to their planet, something that was unheard of.
Something about Kira’s wilfulness excited the Kel and the more he attempted to dominate her, the more she resisted. That push and pull formed an attraction for both of them and the basis of both races getting to know about the other race.

There was a lot of symbolism in this story, which is why readers shouldn’t dismiss it as a simple alien rapes human story. It is really about how Power, technology, military might and money makes some nations (or races) think they are superior to others. If you dig deeper, you will see the message about racism, prejudice and injustice, which is the moral of this series.

On a lighter note, there is a lot of sex, and I found Kira both courageous, smart and humorous. I also found D’Rek to be a leader who thinks for himself and while Kira had his nose wide open, he actually listened to her. That is what people from different backgrounds need, to listen, respect and empathize.
I definitely enjoyed this book.

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