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PERSONAL (St. Louis Cyclones Book 3)TITLE: PERSONAL by Alexandria House
My rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

Narrated by: Jakobi Diem, Wesleigh Siobhan
Series: St. Louis Cyclones, Book 3
Length: 6 hrs and 23 mins
Published: March 31st 2022
Blurb: He’s handsome, talented, and troubled. Known as the bad boy of the NBA, Armand Daniels is both a liability and an asset to any team he’s a member of due to his hair-trigger temper. He’s no stranger to instability, but this latest trade may be what forces him onto the path of true change.

Ella McClain is her daddy’s princess, the daughter of a beauty icon, and a successful model in her own right. However, she’s tired of the spotlight and all that comes with it. Although cherished and protected by her family, she is overcoming deep issues when she crosses paths with Armand.

They are an unlikely pair who share a combustible chemistry and an inextinguishable passion, but do they have what it takes to build an enduring love?

Note: For the best reading experience, Let Me Love You and Let Me Hold You by Alexandria House should be read before reading PERSONAL.

I liked Armand and I loved that I learned about Intermittent explosive disorder. I didn’t like how he behaved with his mom in Leland’s book (Let Me Hold You (McClain Brothers #2) by Alexandria House. This book allowed Armand a chance to figure out why he was flying into rages with everyone and begin the process of healing from his trauma. Now he meets Ella, Big South’s daughter, who is also dealing with the fallout of her last relationship as well as the abuse she suffered at the boyfriend’s hands.
It was like the second generation of the McClains finding love. I loved how the author weaved the characters we have grown to love with the new kids.

I just didn’t buy the relationship dynamic with Ella and Armand. There wasn’t enough set up to build trust for that. Armand and his rage issues acquiesced a little too fast and easy especially. I also didn’t get the sense of true alpha dominance from Ella. I definitely regret listening to the book because the narrator Wesleigh Siobhan didn’t pull it an assertive, commanding and dominant presence at all. Especially when couple with Jakobi Diem, it just didn’t ring authentic to me.

I did enjoy their devotion and loyalty to each other and think they were good for each other. Bonus for me was Unc calling Boogie, Booger. He always manages to add levity to all situations. A good love story in this series.

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