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Falling Out of Hate with You (The Hate-Love Duet #1)TITLE: Falling Out of Hate with You AND Falling Into Love with You (The Hate-Love Duet #2)Falling Into Love with You by Lauren Rowe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Format: Audiobook (8 hours, 15 minutes; 9 hours, 3 mins)
Narrators: Andi Arndt and Jacob Morgan
Published: April 15th 2021 by SoCoRo Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Book 1 Blurb: I’ve tried to like Adrian Savage, the mercurial frontman for Fugitive Summer, while serving as his band’s opening act on tour. We’re stuck together for three months, after all. And I’m well aware I’m lucky to be here.

But it’s proved impossible. He’s far too rude and dismissive a guy to get along with. And way too good at getting under my skin. In fact, at this point, I think it’s fair to say I downright hate his guts.

Global thirst trap that he is, though, I’m finding it extremely difficult not to want to jump Savage’s bones, despite how much he infuriates me. I hate myself for it. But my body is going rogue on me. It doesn’t matter, though. I’m determined to resist him.

In fact, what I’ve decided is that, as long as I’m here and stuck with him, I’m not only going to give Savage the sound tongue lashing nobody else around here has the balls to deliver, I’m going to bring that bad boy to his knees.

Book 2 Blurb: I’m obsessed with Laila Fitzgerald. There, I finally admitted it. I’ve tried not to want her. I tried to step aside when my best friend said he wanted her. But it’s proved impossible. She’s too gorgeous and talented, too charismatic and badass, for me not to want her for myself.

Unfortunately, though, karma’s a bitch. In trying to do the right thing by my best friend, I’ve done the wrong thing by myself. I’ve pushed her away every chance I’ve had. Dug way too deep a hole to crawl out of . . . And now, Laila downright hates my guts. And rightly so.

But since we’re stuck together, yet again—and, this time, even more closely—I’ve decided nothing will stop me from getting what I want. This time, I’m going to figure out a way to coax Laila into falling out of hate with me . . . 

What a Savage Rocker Romance!!!

What a ride. This book had it all. Fun characters, rock and roll, sexy scenes and two fun grandma (Mimi and Amalia).

Savage and Laila were intriguing because they seem like such nice people EXCEPT when they are with each other. They are always “game on” with each other because they don’t know how to deal with their attraction.

We get just enough of their relationship with their friends and family to show they care for people other than themselves. They are also driven to be successful in their singing career. But the chemistry between them is so combustible.
I love how the author made it angsty but humorous. Their antics are entertaining. I smiled through this book.

This was a really nice story with good people who were finding their way in career, family and love. Savage’s love for his grandma Mimi completely won me over. The sacrifices, how he sings to her etc. He got to me simply with that. Laila and him together was fun, hot and humorous.

Lauren Rowe hit this one out of the park and the whole duet was amazingly written. Just beautiful and I am so glad I tried this author. I’m definitely a fan now.

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