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Surviving the Break (Chadwick #2)Surviving the Break by C.P. Harris
Release Date: October 6th 2020
Format: e-Arc (296 pages)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Gay Romance
Blurb: Max doesn’t do repeats, and he definitely doesn’t do commitments. Months after a hot encounter with a smooth-talking stranger in a bar room bathroom, Max comes face to face with the same sexy doctor during the unveiling of the community center’s dance studio. And the man is just as pushy and perceptive as Max remembers. Because of their mutual friendships, Max now has to work overtime to keep Dr. Ashton Jackson at arm’s length. Will he succeed in resisting the undeniable attraction he feels toward the man, or will he risk putting his heart on the line for love… again?

Ash isn’t afraid of love. He’s just never met The One. But there was something about the brown-eyed stranger he hooked up with that he can’t get out of his head. When their paths cross again unexpectedly, Ashton hopes to convince the wounded man with the heart of gold to give love a second chance. But what happens when the truth behind Max’s heartache threatens to leave Ash questioning everything he’s ever believed about himself? Will he too be left broken? Or will he and Max survive the break?

**An M/M romance and book two in the Chadwick series. Can be read as a standalone. Heat level is high

C.P Harris delivered another angst-filled sexy and emotional romance that brought the heat, tears and passionate love. This sequel took this series to another level because healing and happy was evident much earlier for me as I wasn’t sure we would get there in book 1.
We met both Ash (as Damon’s friend) and Max (as Justin’s friend) in book one. They were just as likeable in their own book and less broken mentally than the prior couple.

Ash and Max worked for me as a couple because they were opposites. One man was hiding his heart because of fear and past hurt, and the other one was actively pursuing his heart’s desire. One person wanted nothing to do with relationships and the other was looking for the love of his life. Both men did however have a heart for others. Their daily jobs involved assisting disadvantaged people who need a safe space and that was so endearing.

What I loved about this story was the author really took these guys on a journey of growth. The brokenness that was so evident in the beginning was systematically healed with love, patience and passionate sex. Their physical chemistry was undeniable, but their desire to help others was the foundation upon which Ash and Max built their relationship.
I really loved Ash because in book 1 he proved that he is loyal and steadfast to those he loves. He was helping pregnant patients who couldn’t afford care and housing. He was just a great guy! He cares for others and fought for others. I loved how Ash asked for help in getting through to Max and he listened and followed the advice. I almost forgot that Ash had some issues from his past that were unresolved too. He had hurts too but he tried to keep positive and not live in the past. I was happy when Max finally began fighting for Ash and proving his love for Ash.

The sex scenes were so HOT.

At times it was sweet, and at times it was just raw and animalistic. But both men gave as good as they got in the sack. Wow. I mean, I was blushing! I loved it. This part of their union was definitely clicking on all cylinders.

Most of all, the author did a wonderful job tying in the friendships with Damon and Justin from the book 1 and I was so happy to see how far those two had come. Their friendship and respective romance came full circle. I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait for the next book.

*Special thanks for the e-book given in exchange for an honest review.

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