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Trade Me (Cyclone, #1)Trade Me by Courtney Milan

Wow. Let me say that Sean Crisden and Xe Sands blew me away. I didn’t think I’d like them narrating together but it really added flavor to this already rich story.

First of all, all of the characters (including the supporting) were likeable people even Adam Reynolds. He wasn’t my favorite but his love for his son redeemed him.

The plot was engaging, interesting and low key educational. What a plight with The Chen’s and what an effect on young Tina. That girl had PTSD along with her guilt. I love how the focus kind this story wasn’t the romance but the growth of Tina and Blake while walking in the other’s shoes. The attraction was forever present but Blake gave her space to maneuver her fears and come to him without coercion.

I loved the subtlety with the fathers. One father was just so verbally aggressive and the other father was a deliberate and quiet communicator. the few words he did share were powerful and poignant.

I loved this audiobook! I loved the writing and I loved his I felt afterwards.

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